Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Temperature sensor can detect the temperature surrounding area. Some temperature sensors has a humidity sensor built-in as well.

To create a Temperature/Humidity Sensor:

  1. Log into your SinricPro account.
  2. Click on Devices.
  3. Click on Add Device.
  4. Enter the device name: tempreature sensor and description: living room tempreature sensor.
  5. Select the device type as Temperature Sensor
  6. Select the Room where the device is located.
  7. Select the Device Access Key. This is the credential your IOT device must use when connecting to SinricPro.
  8. Click Save

That’s it.

If you have already linked the Amazon Alexa skill the app will show a popup in your mobile phone.

Sinric Pro alexa arduino esp8266 esp32 window ac unit


Now let’s complete the setup process. To do that, you must update the sample sketch with


Sinric Pro C++ SDK:

Complete Arduino/ESP8266/ESP32 example is available here

Sinric Pro Python SDK:

Complete Python example is available here

Handle following actions setPowerState, setContactState in your IOT module if you are not using any of the SDKs we have built.

Supported Sinrc Pro actions

Supported Alexa capabilities

Supported Google Home Traits

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