How to integrate IFTTT Webhooks with Sinric Pro

Sending events to IFTTT

Login to your IFTTT account. Get the API Key under the Documentation link in the top right of the Webhooks service page.

Sinric Pro Google Home IFTTT

Copy your IFTTT API Key and paste it in Menu -> Integrations -> IFTTT Webhooks

Sinric Pro Google Home IFTTT Now, Sinric Pro is able to send events coming from your IoT development board (such as ESP8266, ESP32, RaspPi) to IFTTT.

Requests made to IFTTT from Sinric Pro will have the below format https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/{event}/with/key/{key}

{event} is the action (eg: setPowerState). You can see the the complete payload here

{key} is your IFTTT API Key

When constructing the body, The Sinric Pro will extract the data sent in your event like below

Sinric Pro Google Home IFTTT

With the following data is used as payload

value1 = value from the event. Eg: { “state”: “On” }

value2 = action name from the event “setPowerState”

value3 = deviceId the device id from the message

From IFTTT to Sinric Pro

Sending an action to Sinric Pro is easy.

  1. Create a new API Key in Sinric Pro Sinric Pro Google Home IFTTT

  2. Now, create a new Applet in IFTTT

Sinric Pro Google Home IFTTT

URL: https://ifttt.sinric.pro/ifttt/v1/actions

Method: POST

Content Type (optional) : application/json


   "api_key":"API key from step 1",
   "device_id":"device id from portal",

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