We provide the following services with our PaaS (White Label) solution

Mobile Apps

The Sinric Pro App for iOS and Android, rebranded to your own corporate custom branding and published on the AppStore and Google Play Store.

Amazon Alexa Integration

We will setup an Amazon Alexa Skill for your own brand and publish it on Amazon Alexa Skill Store.

Device Provisioning

The App supports device provisioning via BLE (for ESP32), ESPTouch/SmartAP (for ESP8266) and by a Captive Portal (WebUI).

BLE Demo:

SmartAP Demo:

You do not need to hardcode the app/security keys or device Ids — as this will be sent to your hardware module securely during the provisioning process.

User Management, OTA

Using our Admin portal you can set up products, manage users, devices and perform OTA updates.


SSL encrypted communication between the cloud server, apps and ESP devices (for supported hardware) plus all the messages are signed and verified using Hash-Based Message Authentication Code (HMAC)

We also fully manage the server and maintain it — and your instance will receive free updates, bug fixes and features from the Sinric Pro master platform from time to time.

Why shoud I use PaaS ?

Why not:

Other things

Once you have signed the contract, we will provide you with sample code as well as detailed documentation on how device provisioning and OTA works. You can build your firmware based on that.

PaaS solution costs 2,558$ /year for 10,000 devices.

*10,000 virtual devices created on server not ESP modules.

if you want to know more information please take a look at our PaaS - Process and Timeline

Ready to get started?

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