PaaS Process and Timeline

Step 1 : PaaS contract & Payment

If you are interested in our PaaS solution, we will share our terms and conditions so that we are all aligned on our joint goals. Once you sign the contract and make the initial payment (30%) we will assign one of our engineers to help you with onboarding process.

Engineer will reach out to you for additional information to make sure we have all the information we need to move to the next stage.

Step 2 : New server

We will deploy our services on a dedicated server for your busniess and commerece the server provisioning.

Step 3 : App & Alexa skill reskinning

We will re-skin the app and Amazon Alexa skill according to your above perferences.

Step 4 : Firmware

We will provide the device provisioning sketch according to your product requirements.

We can review your firmware code to make sure SDK is implemented correctly and spot any mistakes (we will not modify your code or write code for you).

Step 5 : App Testing

We will build the Android app first and share the .apk file to install on your Android phone followed by iOS on TestFlight.

Step 5 : Publishing

Once you grant us access to Amazon Developer Program, Android Developer Program, Apple Developer Program we will upload the binary files for you and publish to review.

For iOS,

  1. You would need to enroll in as an organization, not as an individual.
  2. You must record a short video showing a real iOS phone interacts with your product.

This review can take up 2-7 days.

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