Supported Devices

Following device types are supported at the moment



Complete list of requests, responses and events

This is a complete list of requests, responses and events by the device type

Device type Action Event
Smart Switch setPowerState setPowerState
Smart Light Bulb setPowerState, adjustBrightness, setBrightness, setColor, decreaseColorTemperature, increaseColorTemperature, setColorTemperature, setPowerLevel, adjustPowerLevel setPowerState, setPowerLevel, setColor, currentTemperature
Smart Switch with Dimmer setPowerState, setPowerLevel adjustPowerLevel setPowerState, setPowerLevel
Doorbell setPowerState DoorbellPress, setPowerState
Temperature Sensor setPowerState setPowerState, currentTemperature
Thermostat setPowerState,adjustPowerLevel, setThermostatMode setPowerState, adjustPowerLevel, setThermostatMode, currentTemperature
Window AC Unit setPowerState, adjustPowerLevel, setThermostatMode, setRangeValue, adjustRangeValue setPowerState, adjustPowerLevel, setThermostatMode, setRangeValue, currentTemperature
Fan setPowerState, setRangeValue setPowerState, setRangeValue
Motion Sensor setPowerState setPowerState, motion
Contact Sensor setPowerState setPowerState, selectInput
TV setPowerState, setVolume, adjustVolume, setMute, mediaControl, selectInput, changeChannel, skipChannels setPowerState, setVolume, setMute, mediaControl, selectInput, changeChannel
Smart Speaker setPowerState, setVolume, adjustVolume, setMute, mediaControl, setBands, adjustBands, resetBands, setMode setPowerState, setVolume, setMute, mediaControl, setBands, resetBands, setMode
Smart Doorlock setLockState setLockState

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