Smart Doorbell using ESP32, ESP8266 or Raspberry Pi Pico W for Alexa, Google Home

In this section we’ll walk through creating a Doorbell using a push (tactile) button connected to a ESP32, ESP8266 or Raspberry Pi Pico W and then get a notification in Alexa, Google Home, or the Sinric Pro app.

Prerequisites :

  1. ESP32, ESP8266 or Raspberry Pi Pico W x 1.
  2. Push button x 1.
  3. 1K ~ 10K resistor x 1
  4. Jumper Wires.

Wiring Doorbell button

We are going to use Pull-Down approach to wire our button. When the button is pressed, digitalRead reads HIGH (1) signal.

Sinric Pro contact sensor wiring

ESP32 34
ESP8266 4 (D2)
Pico W 7

Reading button state

Let’s verify that sensor is wired correctly and working.

Sinric Pro pull-down arduino serial monitor

Step 1 : Connect to Sinric Pro

Create a new device: doorbell

Sinric Pro create device alexa

Once you click on the save button Amazon Alexa will automatically detect the device we just created (If you have linked our Alexa skill before).

Sinric Pro alexa doorbell notification

If you did not get the push notification, just ask Alexa to device devices

Step 1.1 Install Sinric Pro Library

Sinric Pro install SinricPro library

2.2 Complete Code

Note: Alexa doorbell notifications are turned off by default. You must enable it by openning the app to recevice the DingDong notification in Alexa.

Sinric Pro Alexa enable doorbell notification settings


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