Smart Switch

In this section we’ll walk through creating a Smart Switch and controlling it using Amazon Alexa.

Step 1 : Create a Sinric Pro account

Step 3 : Create a new device: Switch

Sinric Pro create device alexa

Sinric Pro push notifications

Sinric Pro push notifications

Sinric Pro copy device id

Sinric Pro copy device id

Once you click on the save button Alexa should automatically detect the device we just created (If you completed Step 2). You should see a push notification like below in your phone.

Sinric Pro alexa switch notification

If you did not get the push notification, you can either ask, “Alexa, discover devices”, or use the Add Device workflow in the alexa app.

Step 4 : Build A smart switch

4.1 Example below assumes a WeMos D1 Mini and associated relay shield.

Sinric Pro alexa switch on D1 Mini

Step 5 : Program your device.

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