Switch Tutorial Part 3 - Multiple relays with multiple tactile (push) buttons

In this section, we will continue from Part 2 and add multiple relays and tactile buttons (aka push buttons)

Prerequisites :

Following components are required.

Component Quantity
ESP32, ESP8266 or RaspPi W 1
SPDT Relay controller 4
Push button 4
10K ohm resistor 4
Jumper Wires 4


We are going to use Pull-Down method to wire our push button. If you are not sure what that means, please refer Part 2 for more details.

MCU Pin Component
ESP8266 D1 Relay
ESP8266 D2 Relay
ESP8266 D3 Relay
ESP8266 D4 Relay
ESP8266 D5 Push Button
ESP8266 D6 Push Button
ESP8266 D7 Push Button
ESP8266 D8 Push Button
ESP32 16 Relay
ESP32 17 Relay
ESP32 18 Relay
ESP32 19 Relay
ESP32 25 Push Button
ESP32 26 Push Button
ESP32 27 Push Button
ESP32 28 Push Button

sinricpro relay push button esp8266

Now let’s complete sketch with push buttons and relays with Sinric Pro integration.


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